Current PhD Students

Remon Helmy

Research topic: Entwicklung von Reporting Guidelines zu Adhärenzstudien und Untersuchung von Gesundheitsverhalten und Praxisverläufen bei Herztransplantationen

Stefanie Bachnick

Project: MatchRN - Patient centered Care
Research topic: Nurses ratings of processes and structural factors associated with patients perceptions of received patient-centered care in acute care hospitals: a Swiss cross-sectional multi-centre study

Sarah Musy
Sarah Musy

Project: WER@INSEL
Research topic: Developing a predictive model for shift-level nurse staffing using routine data

Agnes Kocher

Project: MANOSS 
Research topic: Management Of patients with Systemic Sclerosis: A mixed methods study of the chronic illness management practice patterns

Thekla Brunkert

Project: ProQuaS - PaiNH
Research topic: Development and Piloting of a multilevel Intervention to improve Pain Management in Swiss Nursing Homes

Lynn Leppla

Project: SMILe
Research topic: Development and Pilot-Testing of an eHealth-supported Integrative Model of Care after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Sabine Valenta

Research topic: Testing a pain self-management intervention by exploring reduction of analgesic’s side effects in cancer outpatients and the involvement of family caregivers: A mixed methods study

Chang Ming

Project: Swiss-PROMPT
Research topic: Model-free machine learning methods for personalized breast cancer risk prediction

Kornelia Basinska

Research topic: Development and evaluation of a Swiss nurse-led interprofessional care model for the Swiss nursing homes

Patrizia Künzler-Heule 

Project: Going HCVree
Research topic: Evaluation of a behavioral risk counseling intervention in Swiss HIV/HCV-positive men having sex with men and exploration of new context factors to consider scalability of the program

Raphaëlle-Ashley Guerbaai

Research topic: Level of adoption and effect of a nurse-led interprofessional model of care on unplanned hospitalisations from nursing homes.

Lauriane Favez

Project: SHURP 2018
Research topic: To explore and comprehensively assess the association between various context factors in nursing homes and the newly introduced quality of care indicators.

Narayan Sharma

Project: Safety tipping point analysis
Research topic: Investigation of safety tipping points in Swiss hospitals using routine data

Tina Van der Horst

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Azra Karabegovic

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Juliane Mielke

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Aylin Wagner

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Beatrice Gehri

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Nadine Beerli

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Carla Pedrazzani

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