Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Name Abschluss Titel der Dissertation
Bachnick, Stefanie 2018 Patient-centered care in Swiss acute care hospitals: addressing challenges in patient experience
measurement and provider pro ling
Helmy, Remon 2018 Treatment Adherence: Reporting Guidelines and the Showcase of Heart Transplantation Prevalence & Practice Patterns
Beckmann, Sonja 2017 Promoting energy balance related behavior after liver transplantation: Development of a behavioral intervention based on physical activity and diet to support effective weight management and a healthy lifestyle - A multiphase mixed method research program (BALANCE)
Zimmermann, Karin 2016 Paediatric End-of-LIfe CAre Needs in Switzerland (PELICAN): Current end-of-life care practices and   the perspectives of bereaved parents
Dhaini, Suzanne 2016 The significance of the psychosocial work environment for care workers`perceived health, presenteeism, rationing of care, and job satisfaction: a sub-study of the Swiss Nursing home Human Resources Project (SHURP)
Zúñiga, Franziska 2015 The significance of staffing and work environment for quality of care and the recruitment and retention of care workers. Perspectives from the Swiss Nursing Homes Human Resources Project (SHURP)
Kirsch, Monika 2014 Patient Reported Outcomes in view of symptom experience of late effects and self-management of adult long-term surVIVOrs after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Burkhalter, Hanna 2013 Bright Light Therapy in Renal Transplant Recipients Having a Sleep-Wake Distrubace
Ausserhofer, Dietmar 2012 High-reliability in healthcare: Nurse-reported patient safety climate and its relationship with patient outcomes in Swiss acute care hospitals
Fierz, Katharina 2012 Perceived symptom manageability – synthesis of a new use of a known concept based on a sample of HIV outpatients
Koller, Antje 2012 Testing an intervention designed to support pain self-management in cancer patients: a mixed methods study : a mixed methods study
Senn, Beate 2012 Creating and validating a patient-reported outcome instrument for women with vulvar neoplasia after surgical treatment : a mixed-methods project
Sellam, Gila 2012 Non-pharmacological pain relief interventions and contextual factors influencing pain responsein preterm  infants: Are we measuring what we intend to measure?
Berben, Lut 2011 Taking a broader perspective on medication adherence : the importance of system factors
Kurth, Elisabeth 2010 Postnatal infant crying and maternal tiredness : examining their evolution and interaction in the first 12 weeks postpartum
Schäfer-Keller, Petra 2009 Patient self-management in kidney transplantation: Definition, Measurement, and Intervention
Nicca, Dunja 2009 Medication and symptom management in persons living with HIV. perceptions and collaboration of persons living with HIV, their close support persons and healthcare providers
Schubert, Maria 2008 Rationing of Nursing Care: Associations with Patient Safety and Quality of Hospital Care
Denhaerynck, Kris 2006 Exploring risk factors of non-adherence to immunosuppressive medication in kidney transplant recipients : improving methodology & reorienting research goals
Schwendimann, René 2006 Patient falls: A key issue in patient safety in hospitals