Institute of Nursing Science

Offering therapy for chronically ill people and caring for them in line with their needs is one of the major challenges facing the Swiss healthcare system – including in the domain of nursing.

The demands placed on nursing personnel are constantly increasing. Regardless of whether nurses work in hospitals or are active in long-term or ambulant care, diverse, clinically enhanced expertise is essential. Further, the effective alleviation of patients’ disease-related conditions and suffering demands close cooperation with doctors and other professionals, as well as a strong interest in the insights gained from nursing research.

The responses of the Institute of Nursing Science of the University of Basel (INS) to these challenges are as follows…

…training nurses thoroughly to become Advanced Practice Nurses

…interdisciplinary and internationally linked and patient-oriented research

…promotion of clinical practice via strong academic-practice-partnerships

One outcome of this connection between clinical practice and nursing is that nursing science is breaking new ground for the development of new population-oriented nursing models.

Through its involvement in research-based nursing, nursing research and clinical practice, especially in the context of chronic disease, the Institute of Nursing Science aims to promote evidence-based treatment options, thereby improving outcomes for patients, their families, and their communities.