PhD in Nursing Science

One of our proudest achievements at the INS is our record of consistently attracting talented, highly motivated PhD students, expanding their potential and preparing them not only as top- flight leaders in patient care but also as innovators in nursing education, policy and research. With skills and experience gained, our graduates increase the quality of health care in Switzerland and internationally. This is facilitated both by the Faculty of Medicine’s well-established inter-professional research infrastructure (PPHS, SPINE) and by our research teams’ outstanding collaboration with renowned international scientists and institutions.

A PhD from the Faculty of Medicine

Nursing Science is one of seven disciplines in which the University of Basel’s Faculty of Medicine offers PhDs. The others are Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Ethics, Clinical Research, Medicine Development, Public Health/Epidemiology and Sport Science.

PhD regulations are decided at the level of the Medical Faculty, subject to approval by the University Council, and primarily include the PhD Regulations (Promotionsordnung) and the PhD Guidelines (Wegleitung)

Benefits of a PhD in Nursing

A PhD-prepared nurse obtains during her PhD translational research competencies, leadership skills and system changing skills that allow a substantial impact on patients and families, nurses and other health professionals and the overall health care system.

A PhD-prepared nurse…

… develops new knowledge and skills through research
… implements innovations to tackle major healthcare challenges
… establishes interdisciplinary collaboration at all healthcare system levels
… provides leadership in health research, care delivery, policy, and management

Benefits of PhD in Nursing

Benefits of PhD in Nursing