SPINE Summer School 2021: 16 - 19 August

The next SPINE Summer School is organized by the Université de Lausanne and will be held online. The topic is "Qualitative Research for nursing and healthcare: designing quality".

Registration deadline: 30 July 2021.


The value of qualitative research in the advancement of nursing practice, healthcare, health services and policy is no longer debatable. Qualitative scientists have made significant contributions in providing valuable insights into the ways we conceptualize health, illness, patients’ experiences, interprofessional collaboration, and other aspects of care delivery. There are multiple well-recognized and commonly used qualitative methods and methodologies, including narrative interviews, participant observation, and grounded theory, to name a few. Although these methods are well described in textbooks, the quality criteria and procedures involved in conceptualizing, designing, and conducting qualitative research and how these are critically interlinked and theoretically informed are, however, not always explicit. 


 The 2021 SPINE Summer School will bring international scholars and PhD students together to address theoretical issues and methodological processes to ensure quality and rigor in qualitative research. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss how these processes can apply to their own research project. The Summer School 2021 is virtual and offers a mix of online lectures on key challenges for qualitative projects, active group work led by senior researchers from different fields, formative feedbacks from peers and experienced researchers to foster interaction and critical thinking. 

In cooperation with

Institut Universitaire de Formation et de Recherche en Soins IUFRS, Faculté de biologie et de médecine