Investigating safety tipping points in Swiss hospitals: capacity utilization and adverse event detection using routine data (PhD Narayan Sharma)

Michael Simon

Michael Simon
Narayan Sharma 
René Schwendimann
Dietmar Ausserhofer   

Externe Projektpartner
Olga Endrich (Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern)

Ort der Datenerhebung
– Akutspitäler aus den drei Sprachregionen der Schweiz

2018 bis 2021

Measuring patient safety in health care systems remain challenging due to various methods and outcomes of interest. The Global Trigger Tool (GTT), Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) and Hospital-Acquired Complications (HACs) are common methods to detect adverse events and explore patient safety in healthcare settings. High hospital capacity utilization, i.e. high bed occupancy rates, are provoking safety tipping points i.e. high capacity utilization levels in which patient safety incidents more likely occur, yet this link with adverse events has seldom been investigated

This PhD study aims to investigate capacity utilization, adverse events and safety tipping points in Swiss hospitals using routine data.

Erwarteter Nutzen / Relevanz
The INVEST study will provide new insights on capacity utilization, adverse events detection and patient safety in the Swiss healthcare system and on the interplay of patient safety, organizational structure and policy for improving hospital management and quality of care.